Summoners War Hack Apk – Get Unlimited Crystals

Summoners War Hack Apk – Get Unlimited Crystals

Summoners WarEver imagine having high amounts of crystals, mana stones and energy to use as a player. Having the ability to purchase upgrades and monsters to finish one level and taking advantage of the game is available with just a simple step. All you need is a tool that does it all, without compromising the standings you were able to achieve. And one good thing is using the hack tool again and again to have the supplies that you need. Sounds unbelievable? Check this out!


A player is called a summoner, having the ability to summon monsters (or characters that you team up to put into battle). Each monster can be leveled up in your own island base. Every time you summon a monster or upgrade it to a level, you will be needing materials and of course crystals, mana stones and energy. You will want to level them up, as they will become stronger for the battles ahead of you. You can learn the game to be masters of it, or you can actually use a summoners war to hack and learn the game the easy way.


This is a strategy game, in which you will have to make your group for battle. Each monster has their own special skills, and they grow and develop every upgrade (of course, using some materials). There are 16 different rune sets available that you can pick, in which you can actually choose the additional abilities of your monsters.

  • Massive collection of monsters – You will have the power to collect and upgrade different kinds of monsters. Discover their skills and develop them to be ready for the different battles. There may be 5 basic attributes – fire, water, wind, light, and dark; but there are 800 types of monsters that you can assemble for that great team.
  • Guild battles – You can build your guild that can have up to 25 players. Compete with other guilds to see the best guild there is.
  • Customization – Decorate your island base/village, and expand your collection.
  • Different ground for battle – You have the option which battle you want to do – PVP games with other summoners, explore the dungeons, single-to-single, or group-to-group.

Summoners War Hack Apk - Get Unlimited Crystals


The tool that you can use in this game should already be complete – this means that it will provide you with your needed crystals, mana stones, and energy. It should also be undetectable so that you will not be banned from the game. And it should be safe to use – you don’t want to have disadvantages such as lagging game, missing monsters, unusable crystals and others.

Most hack tools are used online as it needs some of your account details for the correct delivery of your needed items. They also have the guarantee of not being detected by the game developer. Here are some of the basic ways to use the hack tool:

  1. Enter your player details. It could be your email account or Facebook account. It can also be your player username. This will now depend on what platform you are using.
  2. Choose your platform. Are you using a phone, or perhaps your computer? Then you must choose if it is Android, iOS, or Facebook.

Note: Numbers 1 and 2 can be interchangeable, depending on the hack tool you are using.

  1. Select the amount of Mana Stones. The hack tool can also ask you to enter the amount that you desire to generate. If you are not familiar what mana stones are, these are the blue ones.
  2. Select the amount of Crystal or enter your desired amount. These are your red colored gems.
  3. Select the amount of Energy or enter your desired amount. These look like lightning icons.
  4. Select the amount of Glory points or enter your desired amount. These are the circle icons.

Note: Some hacks offer only three options, so choose your hack tool wisely.

  1. Choose your server. There are four servers available, and some hack tools are very particular to what server you are.
  2. Then press Generate. This might take some time to process; all you need to do is to wait. And as a final advice, make sure that your hack tool will be undetectable.

Saints Row 3 – 4 Cheats for Pc – Xbox 360

Saints Row 3 - 4 Cheats for Pc - Xbox 360

Saints Row 3 - 4 Cheats for Pc - Xbox 360

Description Cheats for Saints Row 3 – 4:

Volition games Cheats for Saints Row 3 – 4: The third is one of the most fun experiences one can have with an open world game. Not only the hallmark humour of the series gets to an all time high on this one, the game also features an amazing history with plenty of missions and challenges.

With so much to do, you could get lost during the game and even forget the main missions for quite awhile, it can also be really hard if you don’t really know where to begin or how to keep going, so follow these tricks and dominate the game like a true gangster.

Get into Real State early

When cash starts to flow into your pocket it is quite easy to send it all on weapons, clothes or even cars. As tempting as that is, nothing beats buying properties as early as possible. This will give you a lot of extra cash in the future, and can make the game a lot easier once you get to the tougher missions and need heavier and more expensive upgrades and weaponry.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Like early installments of the series, saint’s row the Third features a huge open world where you can explore and do pretty much anything you want. The game won’t make you play their story, so don’t be on a rush to do it!

Explore the map and find some activities, not only they will get you cash and other helpful rewards, things like assassinations can get you some really easy respect, which is the most important resource that will need to finish the game.

There are also 41 challenges that you can complete and some of them will be a lot easier if you start them earlier into the game.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Once you finish the third mission of the story, you will be able to buy upgrades using your cellphone. The list is quite extensive and by the end of the game you can be pretty much invincible.

While it can be tempting to buy a lot of upgrades everytime you have extra money, it is a lot smarter to use that money for properties and only get an upgrade if you really feel you need it. For example, if you are having trouble with a mission, it is wise to focus on getting more money with activities to buy an upgrade that helps with that.

Cheating like a Gangster

On your cellphone there is also a cheat mode available. Most of these cheats are used to make the game easier or triggering hilarious (And violent) effects. For example, Bloody mess will make everyone who gets killed to explode into blood, while codes like zombies and Drunk will make all the pedestrians zombies or drunk people. Try them out!

One thing to note if you plan to use Saints Row 3 – 4 Cheats for Pc – Xbox 360, is that when you activate one your achieveb ments and the autosave function get deactivated while the cheat is active.

Saints Row 3 – 4 Cheats for Pc –  Xbox 360 Features:

• Unlimited money feature;
• Unlimited cars;
• Limitless weapons;
• Ability to add scopes and extra barrels to the weapons;
• Ability to update guns;
• And much more!

Cheats for Saints Row 3 - 4:

Steam Wallet Hack | Online Codes Free Money Adder

Steam Wallet Hack | Online Codes Free Money Adder

Steam Wallet Hack – Online Money Adder

Steam Wallet Hack | Online Codes Free Money Adder

When you play Team Fortress 2, you will encounter the Steam Wallet hack. This is very important in order to purchase items from the Steam Store. But, of course you need to play the game first. Steam Wallet hack is developed in order to keep your game running, without spending much from your pocket. This means that yes, in-game purchase is important; however you don’t need to always spend much. And it encourages you to use legitimate hacks along the way.


The key word here is steam wallet transactions. There is a maximum amount of funds that your wallet can contain. The amount is determined by the Valve. You should know that there is a 24-hour period storage is checked and should not exceed 2,000 USD (or equivalent currency in the player’s country). Steam wallet hack is non-refundable and non-transferable. In order to use your steam wallet, you must fund it first by clicking the Add funds button. And there are different pricing on the funds that you can buy.

Steam Wallet also acts as your Steam wallet code. When you create your steam wallet account, you need to enter your unique code that you received. If you click continue, you will be able to redeem the credit. The value of the code will now be reflected on your steam wallet balance.


There are different features of the steam wallet that is accessible when you have a fund of 5 USD. Here are the different features that you sure will miss without having enough funds in your steam wallet:

  • Sending invites to other players to become your friends.
  • Using the group chat, in cases you have a made a group.
  • Have the ability to cast your vote on the Greenlight , on the steam reviews, and on the workshop items.
  • Have the ability to participate in the steam market.
  • The power to post in steam discussions as often as you like.
  • Increase your Steam profile level and gain some trading cards.
  • Participate in steam workshop by submitting contents.
  • Access the Steam web API.
  • Personalize your account by adding public artwork and some screenshots.

Steam Wallet Hack


Before we unveil the secret of having access to funds, here are the pricing that you, as a player, need to understand:

  • 5 USD = 150 rubles
  • 10 USD = 300 rubles
  • 25 USD = 750 rubles
  • 50 USD = 1500 rubles
  • 100 USD = 3000 rubles

If you want to have that and more, here are things that you can do:

  1. Enter your details. To perfectly place your funds in the correct account, some hack tools use different verification of your account details:
    1. Username
    2. E-mail address
    3. Server
    4. Steam ID
  2. Some hack tools also ask for your Location. This is important for the currency that will be injected to your account.
  3. Enter or select how much funds you need. Some hack tools already have the preset of the funds they can give, and others you can enter the desired amount. But the amount should not be higher than 100USD, to prevent the system to detect such.
  4. Click on the button that will say Add funds to Balance or Generate.
  5. View your funds. In order to view the funds added to your account. Login to your Steam account. A successful hack will reflect on the amount of funds that you can see in the upper right hand corner that is next to your username account.

Steam Wallet Hack Codes

If it is difficult to find a trustworthy hack tool, or you are doubtful of how useful a hack tool is. There are other methods that you can use to generate funds into your account. The first thing you need to do is to login to your steam wallet account. Right click on any of the buttons of the funds and choose “Inspect Element.” Find the developer tool that says “javascript:submitAddFunds(500).” Change the 500 to 10000. This will generate 100 USD. Close the developer tool. This will bring you to a confirmation screen, just purchase it as usual.

Sims Freeplay Hack – Unlimited Life Points Cheats

Sims Freeplay Hack – Unlimited Life Points Cheats

Sims FreePlay

A ground for unlimited creativity and possibilities are what Sims Freeplay offer. Created by AE a leading game developer, Sims Freeplay will take you to a virtual world filled with activities of daily living. Get ready to meet new friends (hopefully, not enemies), fall in love, build your family, and create your dream home. It will open you to a world of
living and getting old, with you having the control over them.


When you talk about creating a character that represents you, Sims Freeplay will definitely have what you desire. This game focuses on strategies involving life simulation. If you are familiar with The Sims, then you will definitely love this one. It is created for the mobile platform, and is available across different OS – Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8. You will control a Sim and provide the needs and wants by completing the necessary actions to gain Simoleons and Life Points.  Because the Sim lives in a world, there are certain aspects that he needs to have and complete. And these will be discussed in the features of the game.

The Sims Free Play Hack


As a “person” living in the Sims World, you also need a lot of resources and complete different tasks, which in turn works is real life. It is also a strategic world about completing every level, and of course getting ahead of others, or unlocking some features that is bound to special cases is also important as a player. And these features can be all yours with patience, endurance and a little help from the Sims Freeplay hack.

  • Currency – There are three different currencies that you will need in the game. The Simoleons are gained from work, gardening and baking. The Life points are achieved through life goals, hobbies, or by pets. Social points are acquired by venturing in the Neighbor’s town.
  • Careers – You have the power to choose whatever you want to be or fulfill your dreams through choosing a career for your Sim. Make sure you increase your Sim’s level to have a promotion.
  • Hobbies – Each life stage has a hobby to fulfill. Originally, these are limited to teens, but are now updated until senior life.
  • Expand your Town – As your town is growing and buildings are developing, you can expand your town. However, the number of people living in your town is limited.
  • Town Map – There are many structures in your town. It can be in a form of a park, a shop, career buildings, and others.
  • Life Stages – Similar to reality, life stages starting from a baby to senior. And all has different actions.
  • Updates – Regular updates and events are given to ensure the fun and enjoyment of the players.


Make sure that when you find for a hack tool to help you in playing the game, it should be easy to use, and it gives you the resources that you need. It is very important that it is secured and you will not take the blame. Otherwise, you will lose your account and banned from the game. Here are simple steps to hack your way to success:

  1. Download the hack tool online and run it afterwards. There are different interface for the hack tool, most having three parts.
  2. Select the Device. As stated above, it runs in different mobile OS. Some have the option of transfer proxy. It will give you a green light once the device has been detected. Another is the Anti-Ban Protection plug-in; you might want to tick this, too.
  3. Select the Feature. There are two main features that are common among the hack tool. These are your Simoleons, and Life Points. And you can have a limitless amount to them. Other features included can be:
    1. To unlock all items – ticking will activate this feature.
    2. Offline mode
    3. Unlock all event pack (depends on what pack, the common one is Adidas).
  4. The hack menu. In some cases, all you need to do is to Click on Generate or Hack button and wait for it to finish. In other cases, it is called Patch Game. In others, you can choose between Start, Update, or Exit.

Red Dead Redemption Cheats, Codes, Unlockables

Red Dead Redemption Cheats, Codes, Unlockables


Red Dead RedemptionThe key to winning is to have several advantages along the way, most especially for those tougher levels and scenarios. This is why it is very important to think ahead and strategize. One way is to learn from others through videos, game tutorials and other people get ahead. But, the most important aspect is if you unlock the secrets of the game itself.


Red dead redemption, a video game published by Rockstar Games, is an addictive action-adventure, third-player mode in the open world. It lets the player travel around a virtual world as John Marston, the protagonist. It’s not just about shooting the enemies and finishing a level. It is also about discovering new weapons, transportation (horse), and doing side activities such as herb collecting. When used online, it can accommodate up to 16 players (multi-player) and starts with a duel. Be creative as you finish all the challenges to acquire new character models, new breeds of horses, new weapons, and honors and titles.


There are eight features of this game, and they offer different activities for the players.

  • Weapons – You can carry different types of weapons (usually a gun type) in the inventory. But take note that only eight guns are active for selection in one time. And only a handgun and a long gun, one of each, are visible on the character. Each weapon stored in the inventory occupies a space. These are revolvers and pistols, hunting knife, shotguns, scoped rifles, rifles and repeaters, fists, lasso, and thrown weapons.
  • Horse – There are a variety of breeds, with varying levels of loyalty. And their actions are very realistic.
  • Hunting – Use this to earn money and achievement.
  • Dueling – A common ground where the outlaws and enemies can challenge the hero. As a side quest, it can occur in several missions, but does not occur in multiplayer mode.
  • Dead eye targeting – This mechanism allow the player to slow down the time to get more accurate shots. And after the shot, the normal time resumes.
  • Achievements – There are 96 achievements or trophies that you need to complete, in which 12 of them are secrets.
  • Animals – These can be used to earn money, wherein there are 38 types of them that can be hunted or skinned.
  • Multiplayer – Players can team up to defeat the enemies and protect the area.


There are certain codes that you can use in order to get some advantage. But a word of concern when you use the red dead redemption cheats, as this will disable earning Achievements, and some have permanent effects. There are other cheats that will not allow you to save your game. So make sure that you read the description of the cheats before using them.

It is very easy to use the cheats, there are only 4 steps:

  1. On the interface of the game, you will be able to see different Menus. Go to Options Menu.
  2. From there you will be able to see the “Cheats” option. Select that option to go to an “interface” where you can enter some cheat codes.
  3. Press “Y” from your keyboard.
  4. Then type in the cheat code that you are going to use and press Enter.

Here are some codes that can be used during the current game session:

  1. HUMILITY BEFORE THE LORD – This will give you the power to become a “nobody.”
  2. IT’S MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT – This will give you the first Gun Set.
  3. NOW WHO PUT THAT THERE? – This code will allow you to spawn a coach that is drawn by a horse.

Here are some codes that can permanently disable saving of the game:

  1. HE GIVES STRENGTH TO THE WEAK – This gives the player the power of invincibility in order to survive some of the challenges.
  2. YOU GOT YOURSELF A FINE PAIR OF EYES – This code unlocks all the areas of the game.

Red Redemption is packed with so many codes and cheats to help the players. And it wouldn’t be on the Menu if these phrases are not allowed in the game.

Racing Rivals Hack Apk Get Unlimited Gems & Cash

Racing Rivals Hack Apk Get Unlimited Gems & Cash

Racing Rivals

Be prepared to face the dangers of drag or street racing like you are really in the driver’s seat. Racing rivals let you into a world where cars and cash are so important, and winning games give you bragging rights. This racing is so much alive, that every player is online. So if you are in with the thrilling adventure, then this is the game for you.


This game presents a huge collection of cars that are fully licensed. And these cars have different features, which you can upgrade, tune up and customize to give that personal feel. There are featured brands that you’ll see in real life, such as Mitsubishi, Subaru, Ford, Dodge, BMW, McLaren, and many more, with a promise of new models in the updates. This encourages players to go and collect cars. Use the cars to race, with high stake bets, and battle online with other online players. And enjoy the different weekly events to earn more gems, achievements, and bonuses. You are familiar with the controls of the game, especially if you have tried other racing games. The controls let you drive like a pro, as they simulate the real car. Collect, earn, achieve and win more races.


Enjoy the following features of racing rival:

  • Real opponents, real competition – This game uses your internet (online game) to have you walk through a virtual world where races are very important. So this means that you can challenge and be challenged by other online players. It offers race replays for your review and live chat.
  • High stakes bets – Use your coins or even your cars to bet on a race. But make sure your skills are better than your opponent; you don’t want to end up losing your car. The stakes are real, some even real life.
  • Weekly live events – Make your team and dominate the race Turf wars. Help your team to take control of cities, collect more gems, and earn more bonuses. And the best prize is having exclusive cars.
  • Licensed cars – The collection of cars is truly marvelous as this game is packed with those expensive and luxurious cars. This adds to the motivation of having different cars.
  • Customization – You are in control to improve and design your cars. This game offers tune ups and upgrades that are true to life.
  • Multiplayer – Build your team and help your team win bonuses and achievements. You can control cities by winning a race with your team.

Racing Rivals Hack Proof


There are different hacks that you can do in the game, depending on what you want to focus on. Such as hacks for gems, cash, and boosts. However, there are racing rival hacks that focus on all your desire without these advantages being traced back to you.

The common way to have hacks is to download the tool. Most tools are free, but make sure that this tool will not interfere with any program that you are using such as AdBlock.

  • Once you download the tool and run it, follow the on screen instructions as it will guide you on what information you need to put. Perhaps the most important is your username.
  • Then Select your desired device, remember that racing rival is available on many platforms.
  • Now, input the amount of Gems and Cash that you desire. Some hacks can even give you unlimited gems and cash, but closely follow the instructions to prevent the trace.
  • Other tools give you the option to have unlimited Boosts. If available, choose carefully. Some of the boosts are power ups and speed boosts.
  • Once ready, you can now press the Generate button. Just wait for this to finish, it will alert you once it’s done and when to close the Window.
  • Enjoy the game with the advantages you have.

As an advice, use hack tools that will not offer you infinite gems and cash, this is because you might not enjoy the game more. Just to have a balance, use your hacks to gain advantage and not to get your opponent’s belongings (in the game).

Monster Legends Hack Tool- Unlimited Gold, Gems, Food

Monster Legends Hack Tool- Unlimited Gold, Gems, Food

Monster Legends Hack        A very popular Facebook and mobile game that breeds different kinds of monsters to go on a journey across different adventure maps, Monster Legends lets you enjoy the game as you become an advanced Monster Legends player.


Achieve the ultimate goal – to tame different beasts and unleash their might. This game allows you to breed and create new species of monsters to enhance their skill set and become powerful creatures to work at your will. With the different kinds of monsters, you can create your fierce monster squad to battle out in the adventure maps. This game also offers you the chance to smite other opponents in the monsters arena and become the best monster breeder of all time. It has guides for the adventure maps, different dungeon challenges, and different modes – civilization islands (part 1 and 2), and imperial china. Create your own island with different buildings and different monsters. And enjoy the latest activities, news, upgrades and much more.


Get ready to be amazed with the different features Monster Legends has to offer:

  • There’s always something new. – This game is packed with new adventures every week, with new stories to tell. For example, the game has launched different monsters that you can collect. There are also new maps or grounds to play in, and new promos that will surely motivate you to play some more.
  • Farm, farm, and farm. – Upgrade, breed, and decorate your home island while collecting the necessary materials to use. Get your golds, gems, and food for your monster. And take advantage of having the ultimate number of each using your Monster Legends hack.
  • Collect and breed your monsters. – There are many kinds of monsters, each having their own elements. The elements are: fire, nature, earth, electric, water, dark, magic, light, epic, legendary, and metal.
  • Prove your strength. – There are many ways to prove how strong your monster squad is. You can do this in adventure maps or with another online player.

Monster Legends Hack proof


There are different hacks that you can do. And there are different things that you can get from a hack tool. Here are the common ways that you can do:

  1. Your account. There are different identifications that are needed, depending on the tool used. Make sure you enter what is asked:
    1. Your Monster Legends Username – this is in case you are using a mobile platform.
    2. Your Facebook ID – this is for when you use your Facebook account.
    3. Your Session ID.

Note: some would even trace your Proxy ID, but this is automatic in the hack tool.

  1. Your needed resource. There are different resources that can be generated from a hack tool. Some offers unlimited supply, others are a given number, and in some you need to enter your desired amount.
    1. Golds – the currency of the game, this is needed comes from habitats, selling materials, clearing meteorites and rubbles (food and gems can also come from here), daily rewards, and dragon market (with food). This is used for your monsters and habitats.
    2. Food – feed this to your monsters to grow (level up) and gain experience. Some buildings also need food. It should be collected as many times (every hour of each day). You can acquire them from your farm, daily bonuses, from gifts, or buy with gems. These come from different crops that have different hours until harvest.
    3. Gems – to have the fastest way to get everything, the gems make them possible. That is why they can be called “rare.” Having enough gems will surely let you achieve great powers.

Note: Some hack tools give the three resources, but others just give two of them.

  1. Generate your rewards. – There are other hacks that have different buttons, other you just need to press generate, others you have to click Next and follow the on screen instructions.

Note: Other hacks changes regularly, this is to protect the system and so that the game developers will not be able to trace the system.

Monsters are not included in the hack tool. This means that you have to work hard to get your monsters. The hack is there just to speed up the process of leveling your habitat and your monsters.

Heroes Charge hack – Get unlimited gems and gold

Heroes Charge hack – Get unlimited gems and gold

HEROES CHARGE Get ready to be in an RPG arena filled with action that is available in different platforms – Android and iOS. This game will surely get you hooked because of the intense features that will let you build your hero and the company of heroes. Prove your hero’s might as you battle your way through different adventures and the arena.


It is important to know that this is not a one hero show; this is building your heroes to form their group, and as a group battle together. But all those heroes are under one player – you. Every day there are activities that will make you busy, aside from your heroes. You need to do quests and campaigns. And there are other freebies, such as monthly rewards, chests, and event giveaways. As part of your adventure, the campaign mode allows you to have EXPs. You have 5 main heroes, in which you can focus on getting stronger, while you work on other available heroes along the way.


Enjoy building your things and developing your heroes to become the best in the league. Enjoy all the features and more by having advantages and using the heroes charge hack that opens all the possibilities.

  • The heroes – there are certain things that you need to know about the different heroes in the game. You can have heroes by collecting soul stones, buying using coins, or by gifts through chests. There are three hero types – strength, intellect, and agility. There are different hero specialties (skills and hero titles. Each hero can earn medals, evolve them, and have medal promotions. There are approximately 50 kinds of heroes.
  • Buildings – there are different buildings that have different functions, others are portal.
  • Campaign levels – each chapter offers different story that gives you EXPs and materials. There are also different areas to fight and explore aside from the campaign levels.
  • Gears – to improve the stats of your heroes. These can be found as loots, crafted, or brought.
  • Quests – different quests gives different rewards for your heroes.
  • Stat breakdown – they all start with a base value, but can be increased by different activities.
  • Combat – this is activated to battle the opponent until it is within the range of the hero. The regular skill can be used and HP and energy needs to be recovered.
  • Guilds and Friends – join or build your own guild and create the most powerful group in the game. Add more friends as they can help you along the way.


When using a hack, the player will have an access to unlimited coins, gems, stamina, without the fear of getting banned and jailbreak required. And most hacks work on different platforms. Here are the things that you need to do:

  1. Get connected. There are different ways to make sure that your account will be rewarded. Depending on the hack tool you used, they may require certain IDs about your account, like:
    1. The platform used – this can either be an Android or iOS.
    2. User name – the account name that the reward will be given.
    3. Encryption – you have the option to enable it or not.
  2. Enter the amount. Some tools can generate three types of materials. These are the gems, coins, and stamina. While others only offer two types and the common are gems and coins. The amount of materials needed depends on the hack tool; some have specific choices, while others have an option for the max number that you can generate.
    1. Gems – a special currency of the game that lets you speed up the processes that you wish to do. It also allows you to buy rare items.
    2. Coins – the currency of the game. This is used for purchasing, upgrading and building.
    3. Stamina – also known as the energy and you use it in battles and other activities.
  3. Lastly, press this to get your rewards.

The good thing about online that they work very well even when there is a game update, or new patch is available. It also promises that they can be used repeatedly, but check it for some safety concerns. You don’t want to end up being banned from the game.