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AppNana Hack

AppNana Hack Unlimited Nanas :

App Nana hack is owned by Mapiz Inc. and it’s an app where you have to register first, then complete tasks in order to achieve Nanas, which is actually the name they use for points. Redeeming those points will bring you rewards as Pay Pal cash or gift/game cards for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and so on. Some of the features are available worldwide, some of them only in the U.S.

After you download App Nana hack, you have to register with a username and a password. You will see the app includes three “chapters”: Reward, Get Nanas and Invite. Of course, the Reward tab is where you can spend the nanas you won for free cards or transform them in Pay Pal cash. On Get Nanas you find the daily tasks which are most often about installing and running applications on your device. On Invite you can see your referral ID and you can invite friends to enter the app by referring to your code and this will bring you more point/nanas.If you would like to start earning nanas but you are very new around here are a few tricks to help you figure out the key of success.

AppNana Hack Tool Proof:

AppNana Hack apk proofPromote your ID code

It’s not a secret that this kind of applications gives you the most points / money / achievements when you play as a team. So one of the most important things to do when you decide you want to gain lots of nanas is to promote your code in every social media network you can. If you own a Facebook, Twiter or Google Plus account, share the ID code at least a few times a day. Also join the groups created by other users of the app and switch codes with them. As you become one of their team members, they also become you team members.

Brag about it

You can always create a blog and review the application. You can teach others about the app, the way they have to start, how to register and what are the tags about. You can also describe the interface to future users and convince them download it to their devices. Also, you can share your experiences on this app or let people know the best methods to gain as many nanas as possible. Then use this blog section on all the social media exchange places you find on the Internet and also on Ad sites. At the end of the post you must also provide your ID code for your future “team mates”. If you search Google a little you will actually discover there are a lot of people doing the same and there are also a lot of lists of exchange codes provided by the oldest users of the app. If you use their code, they will add you on the list so you can get even more chances of nanas.

Hack Tools

As expected, an app where you have to gather something must have tones of hack and cheat tools. You can find them all over the huge Internet and download them on your device. This way, the producers of these hack tools say that you will manage to obtain unlimited nanas and get any card you desire from the rewards proposed by the original app.

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