Battle Camp Hack Cheats – Get Free Unlimited Gold and Energy

Battle Camp HackBattle Camp Hack Get Free Unlimited Gold and Energy

They may look cute and nice, but inside lives a fury in battle. And if you think that going through stages is very easy, you’ll be surprised at what is in store for you. But if you’re tough, then be ready for the different challenges you are going to face. And when the tough gets tougher, don’t be afraid to use Battle Camp Cheats, they are made to help you out.


You will start the game with a series of quest chain to get a feel of the game and to know the basics. This will also give you tons of experiences and stones, and possibility of acquiring rare monsters. It is all about your skills in Battle Camp, and mastering the five elements. You have tons of activities as you need to find, feed, and evolve your monsters. Form your troops with your strongest monsters and fight the ancient evils together with the other rangers. Work as a group and conquer the different battle events such as troop wars and raid bosses.


Every day is a new adventure as you collect and train monsters. And every part is a challenge as you face your opponents be it another player or the features of the game. Unleash the beast in you and conquer the virtual world of Battle Camp:

  • Virtual World – there are different maps and arenas to show off your skills. It is filled with chat capability to have friends and fight off against enemies.
  • Combat – the elements play in this game, therefore the mastery of the strengths and weaknesses of every element is very important. For example, water has an extra damage to fire, fire to leaf, leaf to water, wind to stone, and stone to wind.
  • Combos – the skills and attacks of monsters can create combos that can defeat the enemy faster.
  • Monsters – there are different monsters that you can collect, find, feed, and level up. You could try and have a Perfect Evolution for every monster in your troop. There are almost 800 monsters available. And they are categorized into the common type, special, rare, super, ultra, epic, and legendary monsters.
  • Troop wars – fight off against the best of the best and team up to raid other players. This is a Real-time PVP tournament for everyone.
  • Events – there are weekly and monthly events, such as Raid events.
  • Avatar – you can customize and design your own avatar.

Battle Camp Cheats Proof

Battle Camp Cheats proof


You can have all the features and much more of the advantages when you use a hack tool. And there are two types that are available. One of which is online. However, only use this tool if you trust the site, reviewed it, perhaps read some comments, and you are sure that it is proven and 100% guaranteed that it’s safe to use.

If you don’t want to take that risk, then it is better to use the downloaded software that you can actually use repeatedly over a period of time. Just make sure that review it and check for any updates. Note: there are updates, make sure you know them.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the software and run it.
  2. Connect your device.
    1. Select what OS is in your gadget – Android or iOS.
    2. For others, it will automatically detect the connection. If not, try again, if you see a refresh button then click it.
    3. If you see the type of gadget selection, just click what gadget you have. The common ones depend on the OS selected.
    4. If your device is connected, you will be able to read green colored words, “Detected.”
  3. Select your Resources. Some hack tools offer different options; others focus only in one or two. And you can enter specific number, choose the amount, or click for unlimited amount.
    1. Gold
    2. Coins
    3. Unlock all monsters
    4. Use Proxy/proxies
    5. Anti-Ban plug-ins
  4. Press Start, Generate or Hack. Please wait for it to finish, it will prompt you once it’s done. All you need to do now is to open your game and check if the transfer is successful. If not, try to refresh it then open the game again.

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