Monster Legends Hack Tool- Unlimited Gold, Gems, Food

Monster Legends Hack Tool- Unlimited Gold, Gems, Food

Monster Legends Hack        A very popular Facebook and mobile game that breeds different kinds of monsters to go on a journey across different adventure maps, Monster Legends lets you enjoy the game as you become an advanced Monster Legends player.


Achieve the ultimate goal – to tame different beasts and unleash their might. This game allows you to breed and create new species of monsters to enhance their skill set and become powerful creatures to work at your will. With the different kinds of monsters, you can create your fierce monster squad to battle out in the adventure maps. This game also offers you the chance to smite other opponents in the monsters arena and become the best monster breeder of all time. It has guides for the adventure maps, different dungeon challenges, and different modes – civilization islands (part 1 and 2), and imperial china. Create your own island with different buildings and different monsters. And enjoy the latest activities, news, upgrades and much more.


Get ready to be amazed with the different features Monster Legends has to offer:

  • There’s always something new. – This game is packed with new adventures every week, with new stories to tell. For example, the game has launched different monsters that you can collect. There are also new maps or grounds to play in, and new promos that will surely motivate you to play some more.
  • Farm, farm, and farm. – Upgrade, breed, and decorate your home island while collecting the necessary materials to use. Get your golds, gems, and food for your monster. And take advantage of having the ultimate number of each using your Monster Legends hack.
  • Collect and breed your monsters. – There are many kinds of monsters, each having their own elements. The elements are: fire, nature, earth, electric, water, dark, magic, light, epic, legendary, and metal.
  • Prove your strength. – There are many ways to prove how strong your monster squad is. You can do this in adventure maps or with another online player.

Monster Legends Hack proof


There are different hacks that you can do. And there are different things that you can get from a hack tool. Here are the common ways that you can do:

  1. Your account. There are different identifications that are needed, depending on the tool used. Make sure you enter what is asked:
    1. Your Monster Legends Username – this is in case you are using a mobile platform.
    2. Your Facebook ID – this is for when you use your Facebook account.
    3. Your Session ID.

Note: some would even trace your Proxy ID, but this is automatic in the hack tool.

  1. Your needed resource. There are different resources that can be generated from a hack tool. Some offers unlimited supply, others are a given number, and in some you need to enter your desired amount.
    1. Golds – the currency of the game, this is needed comes from habitats, selling materials, clearing meteorites and rubbles (food and gems can also come from here), daily rewards, and dragon market (with food). This is used for your monsters and habitats.
    2. Food – feed this to your monsters to grow (level up) and gain experience. Some buildings also need food. It should be collected as many times (every hour of each day). You can acquire them from your farm, daily bonuses, from gifts, or buy with gems. These come from different crops that have different hours until harvest.
    3. Gems – to have the fastest way to get everything, the gems make them possible. That is why they can be called “rare.” Having enough gems will surely let you achieve great powers.

Note: Some hack tools give the three resources, but others just give two of them.

  1. Generate your rewards. – There are other hacks that have different buttons, other you just need to press generate, others you have to click Next and follow the on screen instructions.

Note: Other hacks changes regularly, this is to protect the system and so that the game developers will not be able to trace the system.

Monsters are not included in the hack tool. This means that you have to work hard to get your monsters. The hack is there just to speed up the process of leveling your habitat and your monsters.

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