Sims Freeplay Hack – Unlimited Life Points Cheats

Sims Freeplay Hack – Unlimited Life Points Cheats

Sims FreePlay

A ground for unlimited creativity and possibilities are what Sims Freeplay offer. Created by AE a leading game developer, Sims Freeplay will take you to a virtual world filled with activities of daily living. Get ready to meet new friends (hopefully, not enemies), fall in love, build your family, and create your dream home. It will open you to a world of
living and getting old, with you having the control over them.


When you talk about creating a character that represents you, Sims Freeplay will definitely have what you desire. This game focuses on strategies involving life simulation. If you are familiar with The Sims, then you will definitely love this one. It is created for the mobile platform, and is available across different OS – Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8. You will control a Sim and provide the needs and wants by completing the necessary actions to gain Simoleons and Life Points.  Because the Sim lives in a world, there are certain aspects that he needs to have and complete. And these will be discussed in the features of the game.

The Sims Free Play Hack


As a “person” living in the Sims World, you also need a lot of resources and complete different tasks, which in turn works is real life. It is also a strategic world about completing every level, and of course getting ahead of others, or unlocking some features that is bound to special cases is also important as a player. And these features can be all yours with patience, endurance and a little help from the Sims Freeplay hack.

  • Currency – There are three different currencies that you will need in the game. The Simoleons are gained from work, gardening and baking. The Life points are achieved through life goals, hobbies, or by pets. Social points are acquired by venturing in the Neighbor’s town.
  • Careers – You have the power to choose whatever you want to be or fulfill your dreams through choosing a career for your Sim. Make sure you increase your Sim’s level to have a promotion.
  • Hobbies – Each life stage has a hobby to fulfill. Originally, these are limited to teens, but are now updated until senior life.
  • Expand your Town – As your town is growing and buildings are developing, you can expand your town. However, the number of people living in your town is limited.
  • Town Map – There are many structures in your town. It can be in a form of a park, a shop, career buildings, and others.
  • Life Stages – Similar to reality, life stages starting from a baby to senior. And all has different actions.
  • Updates – Regular updates and events are given to ensure the fun and enjoyment of the players.


Make sure that when you find for a hack tool to help you in playing the game, it should be easy to use, and it gives you the resources that you need. It is very important that it is secured and you will not take the blame. Otherwise, you will lose your account and banned from the game. Here are simple steps to hack your way to success:

  1. Download the hack tool online and run it afterwards. There are different interface for the hack tool, most having three parts.
  2. Select the Device. As stated above, it runs in different mobile OS. Some have the option of transfer proxy. It will give you a green light once the device has been detected. Another is the Anti-Ban Protection plug-in; you might want to tick this, too.
  3. Select the Feature. There are two main features that are common among the hack tool. These are your Simoleons, and Life Points. And you can have a limitless amount to them. Other features included can be:
    1. To unlock all items – ticking will activate this feature.
    2. Offline mode
    3. Unlock all event pack (depends on what pack, the common one is Adidas).
  4. The hack menu. In some cases, all you need to do is to Click on Generate or Hack button and wait for it to finish. In other cases, it is called Patch Game. In others, you can choose between Start, Update, or Exit.

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